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After Working With Me People & Brands Don't Merely Exist They Come Alive.

Timea is a communications maven, creative marketer, entrepreneur, and author. Known by her clients as the “Vision Coach,” Timea is known for accelerating brand visions from concept to reality.  She created a company that reflects everything she stands for professionally and personally. At Love Life Media, she and her team help emerging, socially conscious brands to establish and expand their reach with a positive impact on the local and global markets. With an extensive background in PR, Marketing, and Media the insight she offers clients have helped them to hit target goals whether it’s reaching 26.5 Million in digital reach, trending over ABC’S Scandal on a Thursday, or garnering thousands of dollars in sponsorship, she works passionately towards executing vision. With a Master’s in Strategic Communications from Liberty University, Timea continues to provide brands with strategy tailor-made for them. She is also the brainchild behind the consecutively sold-out event SheROCKS; an event celebrating women as culture curators, innovative artists and industry moguls changing the world. In 2015, her world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now as a cancer survivor, Timea’s 501(C)3 Nonprofit organization “Fight After the Fight,” provides resources, services, education, and awareness to other survivors in an effort to change the narrative of the post-cancer experience.

So You Survived Now What?

Your VISION Coach.

Fight After the Fight







I vow to carry the weight of my dream, no matter how heavy it gets…I will remember that it’s mine. I denounce “I can’ts” to pick up “I can’s”. Inconsistency is a dream killer and I will not allow it to kill my dream.

— Timea G. —


Some of Timea G.'s Signature Talks

*Cancer Story
*Marketing/Strategic Communication
*Thought Leadership
*Coping with Devastating Loss

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Coaching Programs

Taking Your Vision For Your Life & Your Brand

To The Next Level

The Boss Brand Academy

    • Three 1-on-1 90 Minute Brand Strategy Coaching Sessions
    • Brand Vision Worksheet
    • Customized 3 Month Brand Strategy Plan
    • 25+ Websites to Get HD Stocks Photo’s
    • Marketing Budget Template
    • Start-up Toolkit List
    • Access to Digital Marketing Webinar
    • Access to Brand Marketing Webinar

Vision Coaching

150$ Hour
    • 1-on-1 Vision Coaching
    • 1 “Master Your Vision” Workbook
    • MP3 Recording of 1-on-1 Sessions
    • FREE BONUS:”BEMasterful Book: 21 Affirmations & Lessons to Help You Master Your Life Today”


  • I am currenly working with Timea to give birth to a vision I have had for a long time. Timea has been able to really help with executing my vision and making it clear. She is very professional as well as inspirational. She provides excellent coaching advice and inspiration. It is evident through her services that she is not only passionate, dedicated, and loyal, but She really wants to see her clients succeed!

    — KP —
  • Timea is a very inspiring woman with the capacity and drive to push and help grow those who are ever in her presence. I was fortunate enough to meet Timea as a panel member of an event last year, and based on her knowledge, poise, and effective delivery, it was a true indication of her passion for what she does as well as it being her calling. She has this infectious light about her, she spoke so effortlessly and clearly. I look forward to working with her in the future.

    — Shara Nicole —
  • You have truly inspired me to chase after my dreams. After the meeting with you and your fabulous talk I told my parents how your story truly reached my heart…I owe you a thank you for giving me a push to really go for what I want to achieve in life.

    — Sydney Douglas —
  • You have inspired my organization in so many ways and it was so amazing to be apart of your mission. It has opened up so many doors for my organization.

    — All About Caring Project —
  • I love hearing Timea speak! Had a long night but had to show up at the Sigma event to hear her speak to the youth about the effects and readiness of “reality television”.

    — Elodie Alcindor —
  • Love Life Media has been great at coming up with new ideas for the WE Magazine brand. Their efforts in trying to expand the brand have allowed us to not only increase in following but our impact across the board. In the past few months of working with them we have been able to implement new ways of reaching the masses and consistently keep the line of communication open with our readers.

    — DeLisha Sylvester (Client testimonial, LLM —

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